Why you Must Stop Using Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes?

If you have landed in this article, we are sure you want to know about nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes and why they are not beneficial for your WordPress website. 

In this article, we will definitely get into the drawbacks of using WordPress-cracked plugins and themes, but before that let’s know what nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes are in detail. 

What are Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes? 

There are three different types of WordPress Plugins and Themes available on the internet, they are Free, Premium and Freemium. The WordPress Plugins and Themes that are pirated from the premium version of different products are known as Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes. 

Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes carry malware functionalities. As a result, they bring different sorts of security issues to your website. Not only the security, but they can also affect the integrity of your website. 

As they are designed by a third-party website and not the original creator the private information will not be safe in your hand. Moreover, they function without a license key. 

Many WordPress Beginners use nulled software as they look for alternatives to save money. But, we personally suggest you not get into this trap as it might not be beneficial for your website’s overall performance in the long run. 

As we already know about Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes in detail, let’s get started on why to skip installing Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes. 

Top Reasons to Avoid Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes 

Many website owners use Nulled plugins and themes as they give them the impression of getting a premium product for free. However, they do have a cost, and many people don’t realize that until it’s too late.

In order to save you from the negative impact, we have listed the top and best reasons to clarify why you should avoid using nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes. Let’s get started!

1. Unable to Update WordPress Version

Why you Must Stop Using Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes - Unable to Update WordPress Version

WordPress, its plugins and themes are updated frequently to match the market and customers’ needs. In the absence of updates, you will not be able to improve the overall performance of your website.  

Using Nulled WordPress plugins and Themes will make you unable to receive the necessary updates. In the end, you will completely miss out on all the important features and functionalities. 

In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your website, make sure that your WordPress Plugins and Themes have a proper license. Using a legal product will save you from all of these hassles. 

2. Causes Security Problems

Nulled WordPress Products are beyond dangerous for the security protocol as they contain malicious code. Sometimes that code creates a backdoor on your website that gives your site access to the distributor. 

In simple terms, a website using nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes can be hacked easily. You might save a couple of dollars using these nulled software but in the end, you might have to spend thousands of dollars to clean up a hacked site. 

In order to protect your WordPress website from the security problems facing the future, make sure to use Free or Premium Products but not the nulled ones. 

3. Destroys your SEO Game 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic to a web page from search engines. It targets unpaid traffic more than paid traffic. 

Once you install and use a WordPress Plugin or Theme that is nulled, it will destroy all of your efforts to improve the SEO performance of your website. 

Nulled products decrease the SEO by adding hidden and unwanted links throughout your website posts, articles and pages. As a result, your customers, visitors, clients and business partners will be sent to unnecessary sites where you never intend to send them. 

Sometimes, Search Engines might penalize your site due to low-quality content. Similarly, even Google will de-index the site completely. As a result, it will take you several months to recover your site’s SEO ranking. 

In order to keep up with your SEO game and improve your SEO gradually in the long run, make sure that you don’t use any nulled WordPress plugins and themes. 

4. Provides a Bad User Experience 

Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes will gradually create a negative impact on every element and factor that enable you to provide a good UX. 

Not only this but when you cannot retain the traffic of your website, the sales of your products will also decrease drastically. It will not only ruin your relationship with the customers but also ruin all of your efforts that you have kept in to improve the overall aspect of your website. 

Hence, in order to maintain a good relationship with customers, you need to use proper updated WordPress Themes and Plugins that will provide a good user experience to your users/customers/clients/partners/visitors. 

5. Ethical Issues 

Developers work really hard to build a WordPress product. Moreover, it is really discouraging and unethical to use nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes as it fails to support the efforts and hard work of the Developer’s team throughout the world. 

If you purchase nulled products from a third party, you might not be able to gain support which will eventually abandon your projects. Hence, whenever you purchase a WordPress product, make sure that you are purchasing it from a reputable marketplace or experienced developers. 

Be aware of nulled WordPress products using illegal products might lead you to legal proceedings where you might lose a lot of your money. 

6. No Availability of Documentation

Proper products, whether they are free or premium, provide their customers with proper documentation. Documentation helps both WordPress Beginners and Professionals to understand a product and its functionality before using it. 

But, if you are using nulled WordPress themes or plugins, you won’t get any kind of documentation. Not only that, you won’t be able to contact any developer if you need help. 

Some users can mess up the website that they have built using years of experience within a couple of hours. So, make sure that you don’t use any nulled WordPress plugins and themes which will degrade your website to the worst.

7. Unlimited Alternatives

Stop Using Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes..

There is an abundant number of Free WordPress products available. Even if you don’t have enough budget for the premium products you can always find an alternative in one of the free products. So, don’t choose a nulled product which will eventually make your website vulnerable in the long run. 

Always remember that using a legal product with no burden is far better than getting nulled WordPress plugins and themes. 

You can get all the free WordPress Themes and plugins on WordPress.org


Can I use Nulled Themes for WordPress? 

No, you shouldn’t use Nulled Themes for WordPress as it is extremely dangerous for WordPress security. Also, it carries malware which can have a negative impact on overall performance of your website. 

Are Nulled WordPress Plugins Illegal?

Nulled WordPress Plugins are illegal as they are stolen by removing different copyrighted material and license key. 

What are Nulled WordPress Plugins?

The Plugins that are pirated from the premium version of different products are known as Nulled WordPress Plugins. 

Wrapping Up:

Everyone love using free products! But don’t make a decision to choose nulled products which will create a direct negative impact on your business in the long run. Instead, get an alternate free product. 

This is the end of our article ‘Why you Must Stop Using Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes. We hope this article highlights all the cons of using nulled wordpress themes and wordpress cracked plugins.

If you have any queries or additional points that we have not listed in teh article, feel free to share them in teh comment section below. Remember that a good and functional website is worth everything!

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